Lil Donald

“Say It Twice”

Lil Donald - Say It Twice

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About Lil Donald

Lil Donald has loftier goals than many of his peers. “I feel like I want to be like the Martin Luther King of Hip-Hop,” he says. “I don’t wanna die and it just be like ‘He was a great artist.’ When I leave I want it to be like, ‘He really changed how people thought. He changed how people act toward other people. How people treated other people. A huge impact on the world. When you go to every city it’s an MLK Blvd there.” Born Donald Brooks, the 27-year-old Decatur, GA native has already begun to make an impact in his region. Now, he plans to share his story with the world. His aspirations to change the world with his music are rooted in pain.

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